For a Field is a gift shop for people who help people. Aimed at those of us in healthcare, education and the sciences. But hey, you may work in other fields and find yourself interested in our goods. After all, we are all helpers, aren’t we?

We carry staples, those practical old work-horses that stand the test of time. Like that notebook you keep reaching for over and over again or that black Sharpie with just the right pen tip. We know, because we have been using them for years. They are vetted and they work. We keep this selection small and curated to limit the noise. Timeless essentials to get you started and keep you going. 

We also stock a rotating selection of new goods. These items may be hand-made, designed in-house, created by our friends near and far or vintage one-of-a-kinds. Made to adorn your person and your space. Think of these as fun and functional sundries.

After years working in small spaces, dimly lit rooms and while plopped on floors, we have learned that space is sacred. It’s nice when it feels special. So light that candle my friend, buy that cute little tape dispenser for your table top and hang that piece of vintage art for all to see. It matters and it helps. Our work spaces don’t have to look and feel like spaces of yore. We are modern working humans and that can be reflected in what we choose to surround ourselves with. 

Made to keep and give. Curated and created by Kate G., a Speech - Language Pathologist living and loving in Oakland, CA.